We Specialize In Application Security Assessments

From memory corruption vulnerabilities in drivers to high impact logic bugs in web applications, we discover and help fix a wide range of vulnerabilities. Our security engineers are experienced software engineers. We enjoy working closely with clients to secure their software.

A few services we provide:

  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Security Asessments
  • Network Parameter Security Assessments
  • Source Code Review
  • Fuzzing
  • Cryptography Use Review
  • Security Architecting
  • Security Configuration Review
  • Employee Training

The Security Assessment Process

  • Before the assessment begins we listen to your security concerns and determine key areas to focus upon during the assessment.

  • During the assessment we make use of manual, augmented, and automated testing to discover security vulnerabilities.

  • After the assessment we deliver a detailed report of findings and actionable remediations. A conference call is scheduled to go over the report, to ensure the cause and remediations of findings are understood.

In Need Of A Security Assessment?

Give us a call or submit your inquiry below. We always look forward to interesting and challenging projects.